Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

General Questions

What is Contact Us Channel?

Contact Us Channel (CUC) – is an innovative B2B marketing platform that allows you to target any business type, anywhere in the world by sending messages directly through the Contact Us pages of their websites.

With our unique campaign management system, our customers can send personalized messages to their desired customers and make sure that their promotions reach only relevant potential clientele.

Using cutting-edge technology, CUC is designed to help businesses gain maximum exposure by offering a wide gamut of marketing services such as lead generation, copywriting, geo-targeting and more.

The bottom line is that CUC will let you reach more businesses and gain a steadier stream of income.

What is CUC's vision?

Our goal is to be the leading B2B marketing platform worldwide.

Our road to achieve this vision is to give the opportunity for any business – from small, medium to large enterprises – to spread the word about their products and services by the most effective, efficient and easiest online means.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. We believe in the values of simplicity (we make it easy), passion (we adore what we do), and result orientation (we love success).

CUC is the only B2B marketing platform that provides one place where businesses from all over the world can communicate and grow.

How is CUC different than other B2B marketing platforms?

CUC is the first and only platform designed especially for the needs of the B2B industry. There are some great solutions out there for B2C. But when you need to get the attention of businesses rather than individuals, B2B marketers are in a bind.

Some of the most significant and many differences between CUC and other marketing methods include:

  • Active – from the moment you launch a campaign, you're already actively reaching potential customers and creating a steady stream of quality leads. With CUC, you don't wait passively for a response. You are proactively promoting your business directly to the type of business you want, where you want, and when you want.
  • Maximum exposure – CUC provides maximum exposure by sending your messages through the 'Contact Us' form. These are usually read on a daily basis by the business owners themselves or by another key decision maker.
  • Sophisticated level of targeting – CUC has the largest and most specific business tree existing online. Our tree contains thousands of business types providing targeting capabilities anywhere in the world.
  • User-friendly – CUC is a simple, Do It Yourself platform that lets you build and publish a campaign in less than 10 minutes! You don't need to be a programmer or have previous experience in digital marketing.

We believe that CUC can provide you with the best ROI compared to any other online marketing platform, and we challenge you to compare your results.

All you have to do is give us a try.

How can I know your system works?

CUC has been successfully providing its services to many customers worldwide and has generated thousands of successful campaigns to date. We are committed to the highest level of customer service and professionalism, continually updating you throughout your campaign from start to finish.

You'll be able to measure your campaigns success rate based on the response to your call to action such as web traffic, emails, phone calls, coupon redemption, downloads, signups, and many more.

Do you share my information with any other party?

CUC has a very strict privacy policy that ensures our customers' confidentiality. We do not share any of your profile or information provided by you with other parties.

Do you have a reseller or affiliates program?

Yes, we have several revenue-generating programs.

Contact our marketing department for more information at

How does this work?

What steps do I need to take to build my campaign?

CUC is a unique marketing platform for B2B that lets you actively contact your potential clients directly through the 'Contact Us' form of their websites. This means that CUC provides maximum exposure to your pitches in the easiest way possible.

With our easy-to-use campaign management system, you can grow your customer base by reaching any type of business, anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes.

You can easily roll out your first campaign in three simple steps:

  • Choose a region – Tell us where to find new companies you'd like as your customers. You can choose a geographical region as general as the United States or Canada, narrow it down to specific cities, or even a radius of a few blocks.
  • Choose your audience – Pinpoint your audience with thousands of the most specific industry categories imaginable. Benefit from a level of detail and accuracy never seen before in the B2B world.
  • Compose your message – Your message definitely will be read and achieve maximum exposure because your targets will receive it through their Contact Us form on their website.

Rather than send out one generic blast, you can get better results by laser focusing your audience and then tailoring your message.

For your convenience, you can use our professional copywriting service.

After you complete these 3 steps, you will be ready to publish and send your campaign. From this point on, CUC will do the rest, gather all relevant data based on the choices you made and launch your personalized message straight to their Contact Us form.

How do I sign up for the platform?

Registering for the platform is free of charge. After the quick registration, you will receive a personal campaign management page. This lets you build, track and manage your various campaigns easily. Just click the start button in our website, and you're on your way to generating fresh leads.

What kind of support does CUC provide during my campaign?

CUC lets you choose the best option for your needs:

  1. Do it yourself – our platform is user friendly and allows our customer to control all aspects of their campaigns. All of our customers have full support available by chat or email.
  2. Account manager – we provide a team of highly experienced account managers, especially trained in B2B marketing. They know how to use our platform to help you optimize all your marketing needs before launching and during your campaign.

How does CUC collect the relevant information?

CUC has developed a unique system which knows how to gather and analyze all business-related websites. With its highly sophisticated algorithms, CUC knows how to locate and reach the highest quality, current and relevant websites available to date.

The CUC platform works 24/7 to provide you with the ultimate solution for your online marketing needs.

CUC Campaign Management System

What is a typical response rate of a CUC campaign?

Response rate depends on multiple factors including your sales message, CTA, and product or service. CUC guarantees delivery of your message to the number of businesses based on the credits you choose for each campaign.

CUC is undoubtedly the ultimate tool for maximum exposure of your message. This is because CUC sends your pitch/message through the 'Contact Us' form of your potential customers' websites. Our research as well as common sense shows that the majority of these messages are opened on a daily or weekly basis by key decision makers.

We hook the fish; it's up to you to wheel them in.

Can the system help me perform AB testing to optimize my campaign?

Our platform supports AB testing for every element of the campaign. You can also send different types of messages and CTAs within the same campaign.

You can manage the AB testing through you campaign management page or have our account managers guide you through and ensure that you achieve the best possible results for your campaigns.

Can I launch several campaigns simultaneously?

As CUC is extremely flexible, it allows you to target and launch several campaigns at once. This feature is easy to use and operate via our campaign management system.

Can I control the timing and duration of my campaign?

The timing element of our platform is very flexible and easy to use. With your campaign management page, you can control all aspects of the timing and duration of your campaign.

You have many options such as daily campaigns in which you can set a specific launch time; long-term campaigns where you can set a daily amount of messages for a fixed period of time, and more.

What is the geographical coverage of CUC?

Our system lets you choose a geographical region as general as the United States or Canada, narrow it down to specific cities, or even a radius of a few blocks. In this way, we ensure that you won't contact customers beyond your distribution or service range.

How can I launch a huge, nation-wide campaign?

Our marketing consultants are experienced with large-scale national, international and ongoing marketing campaigns. To launch campaigns like these, contact us to receive the most suitable track tailored especially for you.

How do I know what type of businesses are the best for my campaign to target?

Based on our business tree and your experience, you can locate and choose multiple business types to target in a single campaign. If you need advice about which businesses are best for you to target, feel free to contact one of our representatives.

How can I be sure CUC has access to my targeted audience?

CUC prides itself on its business tree which features the most advanced, detailed, and widest taxonomy to date. We have categorized thousands of business types worldwide, representing millions of companies. If a company exists, we know about it and how to reach it.

You can visit your campaign management page and check our business tree to see if the business types you wish to target exists. In the rare situation that the business type you wish to locate is not included in our tree, feel free to contact us and speak with an account manager. We'll do our best to locate this business type especially for you.

What happens if there aren't enough contacts for my selections (i.e. my targeted business types and locations)?

When a campaign is ready to be published by the customer, the system starts processing the data according to the information provided. Our sophisticated algorithms reviews all relevant websites based on your choices and incorporates them into your campaign.

If there aren't enough contacts of the business types in the area you've chosen (this would be an exceptional case), your campaign will remain in pending status and an account manager will contact you to personally tailor your campaign.

How do I compose an effective sales message?

We recommend a short personal message between 50 and 200 words – just enough to catch your potential customers' interest to take the next step.

Keep your message informative, using relevant information that will make your potential customers feel that you have chosen to send a message written especially for them.

CUC's platform lets you send several different messages in the same campaign so you can test the message that works best for you.

If you find it difficult to write your sales message or would like the help of a professional writer, our excellent and experienced in-house copywriting team will handle all your needs. The team has produced thousands of successful messages and would be happy to do the same for you.

What are CUC copywriting services?

CUC engages a team of professional copywriters with extensive experience in composing sales messages. This provides you with an opportunity to create an ultimate sales message that will be powerful, personal, and most importantly, lead your customers to action.

To use our service, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions so that our copywriting team can conceive the right message for your needs. A team member will write a draft and send it to you for your comments or approval.

The message is the most critical part of the campaign and a central factor in raising your results. That's why we highly recommend that you use our copywriting services.

For more information about our pricing, visit our payment page. Look out for our special offers and promotions regarding our copywriting services.

Does CUC leave a mark or signature on the messages sent from my campaign?

Absolutely not. CUC will not add any additional content to your messages which might suggest that it is automatic rather than authentic.

This ensures that your readers will feel that your message is personal and sincere.

How long does it take from the moment I launch campaign until the messages are sent?

If you did not choose a specific time for your campaign to launch, the system will start sending your messages automatically after it finishes gathering all the information. Usually this takes from 2 to 48 hours, depending on various parameters.

How will I know if and when all the messages are sent?

Our system checks that your messages have been sent and delivered to their destination. When it finishes sending the messages successfully, it will send you a report.

How often should I send out my messages?

That depends on the results you'd like to get. The more frequently you send out your campaigns, the better results you should receive. During our process, you will be able to improve your results from campaign to campaign. We advise that you speak with an account manager to optimize your marketing strategy.

Can I run the same campaign more than once, to the same or different contacts?

If you want to retarget the same group of sites, duplicate successful results for a new target audience, or any other option, please contact us. After you have finished preparing and publishing a campaign, you can send us a message with a special request through the system.

We will update you that your request has been received and processed. If you have been assigned an account manager, you are welcome to consult with him or her anytime.

Can we get any of the contact phone/email of the prospects you are sending out?

According to the terms of use of our company, we cannot provide the contact information. This protects the receiving end so that their information is not exploited.

This policy ensures that your targeted audience will generate fresh, relevant and high quality leads. Obviously, your potential customers will contact you according to the information you have provided in your personal messages.

Does the system/website support other languages as well?

You can write your messages in any language and we will ensure they are delivered.

Currently, the CUC website and software is in English only, with additional languages planned.

Pricing & Plans

Are there any registrations fees? Can I sign up and build a campaign first and pay later?

Registering to our system is completely free. You can register right away and start building your campaign.

After the stage of the free registration, all the options for building your campaign are available: Choose the region you'd like to target, select the categories and business types you wish to approach and compose the message you'd like your potential customers to read.

When you've completed building your campaign and want to publish it, all you'll need to do is purchase a package that suits your needs. Each package includes different features and contains a different number of credits which equals the number of contacts to which your message will be sent.

Do you charge a monthly fee or require a long-term commitment?

No. No strings attached, no hidden fees, no monthly subscriptions nor hidden long-term commitments to the packages advertised on our website.

Each package contains credits you can use whenever you decide. Run out of credits? Simply buy a new package.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with an easy to use platform at an affordable price. With this value, we create happy and satisfied returning customers (hopefully like you).

What are your pricing plans and what are the differences between the packages?

As we mentioned previously, registration and building your campaign are free of charge. However, to publish your campaign, you can choose from several different types of plans and pricing options.

We have designed our packages to suit the needs of various types of businesses – from one-off campaigns with a specific focus to ongoing strategic marketing campaigns that may run in parallel, daily, and over a longer time-period.

Each package contains a different number of credits you can send. Each credit represents a contact form that will be filled out by our system. Some of the features advertised are available only in certain plans.

In addition to the packages listed on our pricing page, we offer a wide variety of services for VIP customers that will certainly take your business to a new level.

For more details, contact us to discuss how we can best suit your budget and goals.

What are CUC credits?

CUC credits represent the number of contacts that you can use for your various campaigns. Each credit you use represents a contact us form that our system will process for you

Do I need to use all the credits at once or can I divide them up among several campaigns?

It's up to you. You don't have to use all the credits at once. Use them for one campaign or different ones at different times.

What is the minimum of credits per campaign?

You need to use a minimum of 500 credits per campaign.

Is there a time limitation for the CUC credits?

The CUC credits are valid for 6 months from the time of purchase.

I have a coupon code. How do I use it?

Simply click on the 'purchase now' button on your campaign management system page, or on My Payments in your personal zone, and enter your coupon code in the appropriate field.

You'll know that your coupon is valid when you see green letters under the coupon field. Make sure not to type extra spaces at the end of the code.

V.I.P. Accounts & Account managers

What is a VIP account?

VIP accounts provide businesses with the ability to rely on CUC for all of their marketing needs, hassle free.

VIP accounts have a designated hands-on account manager as well as the following unique features and benefits:

  • Ongoing optimization process during your campaign which includes results analysis in real-time.
  • A/B testing to all parameters in your campaign
  • Larger and more specified business tree, by definition, meaning many more business types
  • Free services from our copywriting team that has extensive experience in composing the ultimate sales message. These upgraded services include a wide selection of messages and subject lines.
  • Greater control over the timing of the campaign
  • Receive more detailed reports (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly), according to their needs
  • Many more

What is an account manager?

An account manager is an online marketing expert who specializes in the B2B industry and is familiar with its needs.

Our account managers have vast experience in administering successful campaigns. They are familiar with the wide range of the system's features including its data so that they can deliver the maximum to each and every VIP customer.

All VIP users get a dedicated account manager who guides them through all of the steps – before, during and after the campaign. His or her role is to help with everything related to the strategy, optimization and operation of the system.

The process begins with joint marketing strategy sessions with the account manager and continues with additional meetings and reports based on the different needs of each customer.

This ensures maximum utilization of every dollar you spend with CUC.