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The Contact Us Channel (CUC) will increase your sales and grow your customer base in a way that has never been done before and it actually works. This revolutionary B2B solution lets you gain new business proactively rather than waiting for someone to stumble upon you.
Using cutting-edge technology, CUC will allow you to laser-target potential business customers and send your personalized pitches directly through the "Contact Us" form of their websites.
With our easy-to-use campaign management system, you can reach any type of company anywhere in the world and get new clients today!

Pricing & Plans

Prices shown are a one-time payment per package – no monthly fee.
  • Multi-level specification
  • Advanced geotargeting
  • Varied messages abilities
  • Copy writing services
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  • 500 Credits


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  • 1,000 Credits


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  • Free copy writing
  • 2,000 Credits


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Prices shown are per package; no monthly fee

Pricing & Plans

Prices shown are per package; no monthly fee

Basic Plan

  • Multi-level specification
  • Advanced geotargeting
  • Varied messages abilities
  • 500 Messages


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Standard Plan

  • Multi-level specification
  • Advanced geotargeting
  • Varied messages abilities
  • 1,000 Messages


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Premium Plan

  • Multi-level specification
  • Advanced geotargeting
  • Varied messages abilities
  • Free copy writing
  • 2,000 Messages


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Stayed in my niche and profited

Rick A.,Accountant / San Jose, California, U.S.A.

"I'd always done marketing and promotion locally, but I knew I could theoretically provide services to anyone, anywhere. I just didn't know how to do it. The campaign page was easy, so I started with San Francisco, which isn't too far away, and built up a nice client base there. Now I don't even worry about location because it doesn't matter for my services as I am licensed to work as an accountant anywhere in the U.S... I only contact hair salons because I've started specializing in them. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I could get so specific. It's so great to be able to stay in the niche I know best rather than have to understand 100 different types of businesses."

Found businesses beyond local limits

Emily S., Graphic Designer / Wilmar, Minnesota, U.S.A.

"I freelance from a small town in Minnesota, which means my rent is more affordable than in a big city. The downside is that there just aren't many local businesses. With Contact Us Channel, I sent my rates including a nice letter and a link to my portfolio to businesses in Minneapolis, Madison and Milwaukee. I did okay, but then I realized I could specialize even more by creating graphic design portfolios for a specific industry. After doing that, I contacted businesses throughout America, stating that I am a graphic designer specifically for their industry. Well, that did the trick - this is the busiest I've ever been throughout my entire eight years of freelancing."

Achieved Return on Investment within a Day

David W., Business Coach / Melbourne, Australia

"I always need more traffic to get people on my mailing list or to get that first free phone consultation which I usually convert into a paid program. But I couldn't stomach PPC ads. This was CRAZY cheap! I spent $250 and made it back the same day. As long as prices stay reasonable, this is my go-to for marketing."

Received responses from relevant customers

Doug M., Paper Box Manufacturing / North York, Ontario, Canada

"I had this great little business making boxes for bakeries, and although I was making a great product, I couldn't reach anyone! I tried PPC ads, but I was getting clicks from brides looking for boxes for their wedding or housewives who wanted some cute boxes that would last for years. I couldn't reach bakeries who could give me ongoing volume.

With CUC, on my campaign management page, for my first campaign, I only chose bakeries within five hours driving distance from me. I thought my head was going to explode from all the phone calls and emails. I'm doing great, and putting up better photos on my website. I thought the ones I had were ok, but I decided to improve them after talking to my contacts. I guess that's another benefit of being in touch with so many potential buyers. I don't think we would've made it without CUC!"

Discovered untapped markets

Jeff R., Mobile Phone Accessories Manufacturing / Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

"We have been in business for four years. For the first two years, we bought ads in the Yellow pages and on the radio, and these did ok for a while. But last year we were really hurting. We were tapped out; couldn't find anyone else to sell to around us.
One day, we got a random message from Contact Us Channel, and we were a bit surprised, because we don't live in a big city. We thought we already knew everyone we should have been trying to reach. I can't believe how much business CUC drummed up for us with just one blast. If the results of our next round are as good as the first, we'll repeat every quarter and cancel all of our other advertising."

Promoted our brand with a limited budget

Eric S., Software Company, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

"We wanted to make our software known to everyone in our field in the U.K. Contact Us Channel helped us make this happen, in the most efficient way possible!"

Discovered deals in convenient locations

Lars J., Construction Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

"Since our business delivers scaffolding to building sites all around the country, it's in our best interest to find additional work in a city at the end of each job. We get good offers from random cities, but our delivery costs are high enough that we need multiple jobs in one city just to cover costs, never mind make a profit. Contact Us Channel lets us pitch to construction companies located in Los Angeles, Portland or Houston that have scaffolding ready in a certain month, and may be ready to cut us a deal. By narrowing down our targets to these three cities, CUC isn't just a wonderful service - it's also really easy to use."

Raised response rates

Mike C., Business Web Seminar Company / Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

"Search engine rules changes had really messed up our SEO business. We were looking for an alternative business-to-business marketing solution to tell potential new customers about our Web seminar service. This was because we just couldn't count on search engine optimization like we used to. We never heard of Contact Us Channel before. At first, we thought it was just another marketing platform until we realized that if we could see CUC's message, people might see ours as well - Why not give it a shot', we thought? So we did, and it's amazing! We're getting the kind of great response rates we got from SEO five or ten years ago"

Why CUC Works

In today's dynamic digital world, most businesses have a website, and most websites have a "Contact Us" page. Ultimately, this is their main channel of communication.

Our research shows that messages sent through the "Contact Us" form are opened and read on a daily basis. The "Contact Us" page and its messages are so important because the people who check the messages sent through it are usually key decision makers - business managers or the owners themselves.

Realizing the power inherent in the "Contact Us" pages, we created a one-of-a-kind platform for B2B marketing, the Contact Us Channel. CUC allows customers to target relevant industries in specific locations, and to market their promotions directly through the "Contact Us" pages of their potential clients' websites.

In this way, CUC offers what every business is looking for in online B2B marketing - maximum exposure for relevant audience.

You know your customers. We know how to reach them.

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CUC Unique Solution

Evolve from passive to active advertising
Take action by sending your pitches directly to your new clients. With our platform, you can actively contact your potential customers instead of waiting for them to approach you.
You can also schedule your messages to be sent ahead of time to fully synchronize CUC with your entire marketing activity.
Get maximum exposure to business decision makers
Businesses treat Contact Us form submissions as gold. Someone in each organization, most likely a decision maker will personally read every single inquiry, assuring your message with the full exposure it deserves.
Discover the highest and most sophisticated level of targeting
Our platform allows you to be specific in your targeting in a way that hasn't been seen before. Using our campaign management system, you would be able to pinpoint the most relevant industries for you, in any location that you choose.
Deliver authentic-looking personal messages
When the targeted business receives the message through their Contact Us form, it will appear as if you searched for them personally, visited their web site, and only then chose to send them a message. This would produce response rates higher than any other digital form of delivery.
Target your audience by geographic location
You can expand your client base by approaching companies from unexplored cities, states or countries, anywhere in the world, or to pinpoint appropriate businesses within a specific radius of your choice.
Profit from a cost-effective solution at a stable price
Our plans are refreshingly affordable without having to compromise on quality or service.
Moreover, the price of CUC remains consistent. When our clients buy credits on CUC, they know that the value of these credits remains regardless of their search results.
Explore our user friendly campaign management platform
CUC is intuitive and easy to use. You don't need to have previous experience in digital marketing. Just choose the regions you want to target, select your business categories and compose your message. You'll be up and running in just a few minutes.

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